Swimming Sports - Senior School Overall Points Winners

Photo: Senior School Swimming Sports overall points winners.

Congratulations to our Waihi East School (senior school) Swimming Championship overall points winners!

Y4 Girls 1st: Victoria Evetts-Jones, 2nd: Jayda Sue Brook, 3rd: Brooke Kelly,

Y4 Boys 1st: Alex Evetts-Jones, 2nd: Mahe North, 3rd: Johnston Coll,

Y5 Girls 1st: Sabine Rush, 2nd: Alyssa Mouat, 3rd: Nicky Twidle

Y5 Boys 1st: Callum McKain, 2nd= Samson Penjueli, 2nd= Braydon Burr

Y6 Girls 1st:Lillie Tai, 2nd: Ciara Hennessy, 3rd: Riley Fisher-Peet

Y6 Boys 1st= Jackson Walker and 1st= Connor Torrens