Term 1 Ends, New Teacher Aide, Caretaker, Playground, BOT Elections, Miss H's Last Newsletter

Kia ora, the final week of the term is here and we all made it! The usual ills and chills have been present, however Doctor Tineke has sorted most of us out! Next term our school community welcomes Stephanie Anich as Acting Principal for term 2. Stephanie will be living in the community and looks forward to being part of our team. Stephanie will continue to use the Waihi East School Principal email address ([email protected]) I am sure you will all make her feel very welcome during her time at school.

Next term we welcome Michelle Burr to our team as teacher aide. Michelle has relieved in this capacity on many occasions and her pre-school knowledge and leadership will be a fabulous resource to our school. Our beautiful Lisa Neame will return to school for the first week of next term to help Michelle with class programmes. Thank you Lisa for being so thoughtful and kind.

I have started a Bring Back Ross campaign! Our cheerful Mr Cowan is currently on sick leave and boy, do we miss him. You don’t realize how amazing a person is until they disappear for a week. Hopefully we will welcome Ross back next week. In Ross’ absence we have been very fortunate to have Robin and David in the role. Thank you both for dropping everything to take on the caretaker position. We owe you both big time.

The playground is coming along beautifully. A truly massive thank you to Streets Ahead for this stunning resource. The team from Playground Creations are used by visionary councils and community groups to use the resources on hand and springboard new equipment into spaces. Check out the design on the office window. The aim is to have an official opening early next term. Watch this space for more information.

It is time to think about standing for the Waihi East Board of Trustees. Please consider joining the team and bringing your skills and positive attitude to our Board meetings. Sharon Samson is our Returning Officer. She will be sending out information as it comes to hand.

The school pool officially closes on Friday 15th of April. Thank you to the support team who ensured the pool was open for use in out of school hours and to Ross for keeping the area safe and clean. Please return your pool key next term and receive your $5 refund.

This is my last newsletter at Waihi East School. Thank you for your support, encouragement and kind words. Enjoy your new leadership team. Take care and enjoy everything Waihi East has to offer your whanau. Be bold, strong and be active in your school.

Take as look at the children below with the Waihi Beach Coastguard Rescue Boat and the image too of our winning Waka team from our ‘Amazing Race’ day at ANZAC Bay last week.