Internet Safety Workshop and Matariki

Kia ora koutou. Ngā mihi maioha ki a koutou katoa. Warm greetings to you all.

Internet Safety Workshop

Last night Rachael and I went to this workshop run by Lee Chisholm from Netsafe and Constable Brett Otto. Here are some of the key messages:

Your role during childhood is to give them the skills and knowledge so that they can protect themselves.

Have their devices in your room at night - no exceptions.

Despite all the filters and protections you put in place, if children are determined, they will find a way to get around them (e.g. go next door). Lee suggested you talk to your child’s friends’ parents about their ‘rules’.

Develop Good Digital Citizens - Still do this (i.e. don’t give children access passwords, use parent controls etc), but have regular conversations with your children about your family’s values. Why you do and don’t do things whether it is online or not. Teach and talk about them over and over again.

Role model how you want your children to behave. Are you always on your device? Do you rant or put up negative posts about others? What do they hear and see you do? Are these in line with the values you talk about?

Build your child’s capacity to empathise - understand or feel what another person is experiencing. Posting online means they can’t see the impact they might have on others, so may stop them learning to empathise and not stop any negative behaviours.

Develop resilience - when children post photos, music, dance videos etc, even if they are very good, there will always be those who want to criticize (trolls).

Digital Tattoo - you lose control of what you put online as soon as you post it. It is very hard to permanently delete stuff.

Errors of judgement - if your child makes a mistake, don’t overreact. Seek advice (see below) and keep teaching and talking.

Matariki Waihi is coming up see the photos below featuring Room 3 Artwork, Room 2 Matariki Art and Mrs Coll’s Matariki nails!

Ngā mihi nui, Whaea Steph (Anich)