Author Visits, Duffy Books and Emergency Drills

Warm greetings to you all, another week has flown by in a flash! A huge THANK YOU to Judi Billcliff, who visited us last Friday as a Duffy Book Role Model. She was outstanding: engaging, inspiring, funny and charismatic. So much so, we are hoping to get her back to run workshops with students and teachers either next term or Term 1, 2017. All students should have come home with their new Duffy books this week.

Our Duffy books (free books in homes) are funded through sponsorship of different companies. Unfortunately, we have just heard that our main sponsor for the Duffy books has had to withdraw their sponsorship. We are now on the hunt for new sponsors to help cover the cost of getting books into homes. If you have contacts with any businesses or people that may be interested in contributing to get books into homes, please flick me an email or let Sharon know. We will have an information pack and letter available to send them.

Again I would to thank the parents that are stopping to let us cross the road after school, we have more and more people stopping and waving us across. As you leave school and travel down Gladstone Road, please be aware that we have a handful of students that cross the road with their bikes. Please take extra care as you pass the gates halfway down our fields. We try to man the gate, however at times staff get caught up with other parents and don’t make it there in time. If you see students behaving unsafely, crossing or biking, please let the office know so we can follow it up.

In the coming week and a half, we will be having emergency drills. Fire, earthquake and lock down. If students come home talking about fires, earthquakes and lockdowns it will be a result of our drills. In all cases, if there are real incidences you will be informed formally by text and / or letter home.

New World is currently giving away seed raising plant pots. If you receive them and do not want them at home we would love to have them at school!

Calendar art is coming up, the photos below feature Room 6’s Calendar Art Cards they cost $12 each.

Our next celebration assembly will be this Thursday September 15th with Rooms 7, 5 and 1 presenting from 2.00 p.m. in the Waihi East School Hall/Library.

Have a great week