Sumdog Waikato Maths Competiton Sept 2016

Sumdog Waikato Maths Contest - 2 Sep to 8 Sep

Congratulations to all those who took part, 19 classes qualified, 416 students played, 145,122 questions answered and 120,534 correct answers were given. Waihi East School had four students place in the top 50 they were Connor L Rm 1 in 25th place having scored 867 points, Truman A Rm 8 in 26th with 865 points, Nicky T Rm 1 in 28th position on 864 points and Sam B Rm 2 was 49th on 826 points. In the classes competition Waihi East School had three top ten placegetters, room 1 in 5th place with a class score of 308, room 4 in 7th on 275 points and room 2 in 10th on 154 points. See the Issuu magazine competition results below for details.