Room 1 Koru Art

Room 1 Waihi East School students have been working on making ‘Korus’ using pastels on A3 paper, here are our key learning targets.

  • I’m able to discuss where the ‘Koru’ shape is used in Maori Culture and in Kiwiana.
  • I can recall that the ‘Koru’ is based on the pitau, the young shoot of a plant, especially the uncurling shoot of the fern.
  • I have five or six large simplified ‘Koru’ shapes in my drawing.
  • I’ve created a successful combination of contrasting colours.
  • Blending techniques are used for transitions between colours e.g. smudging with our fingers.
  • I go off at least three sides of the paper.
  • I use small strokes when colouring in my drawing.