Last Day of Electives for Term 3 2016

On Friday (16.09.16) the MTB elective stayed in the school grounds and we rode as skilfully as we could doing bike trials type hopping and moving as slowly as possible between two given points, our final competition was getting air over the mounds on the school bike track.

In the moving slowly between two given points and balancing (if you put your foot down/’dabbed’ your run wasn’t counted) 1st-Jake P, 2nd = Micah F and Jackson K, 4th - Lochlan H and 5th=Sam B and Justin S.

In the hopping your wheel/s up onto platforms competition 1st- Jake P, 2nd- Jackson K, 3rd - Lochlan H, 4th- Micah F and 5th= Mana B and Liam D-P.

The final comp was getting air over the humps on the bike track 1st -Jackson K, 2nd=Liam D-P and Jake P, 4th-Micah F, 5th-Lochlan H.

After our activities all the electives groups met back in the school hall to share what we had done.