Staffing and East School Calf Club

Just before the holidays we found out the level of staffing we would have available next year. We advertised 3 full time teaching positions for the 2017 school year. This week the appointment process ended.

Next year we will be welcoming back Caitlin Kneebone and Gina Davis! We are also super excited to be welcoming into our school whanau, Kim Jones, a very experienced teacher who is doing amazing things in her learning and teaching programmes!

Now we know who our teaching team is, we will start the process of sorting out classes and class make ups for 2017.

Check out below photos from the 2016 East School Calf Club. Congratulations to Ms Fletcher for her amazing Calf Club organisation and thanks to the judges who worked with our students and animals, it was a fantastic morning. Our thanks also to Paul Madsen from Harcourts who sponsored all the ribbons and to AgriSea who supplied tonic for the animals prior to the day.